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The Young Adult Ministry is considered to be the biggest department at Logos Baptist Church, more than 40% of members who attend Logos Baptist Church are between 18- 39 age bracket; it is also considered to be the backbone of the church due to the value it brings to the church by discovering and developing new talents, developing relationship with other young adults in the community and the wide range of social and spiritual activities available to the public. Members meet every Sunday night at 6pm for their regular meeting (called Lajenès in creole) where they debate on actual topics that are spiritual, social and sentimental challenging. They also meet on Mondays for choir rehearsal (Voice of Hope Choir) where they 

sing traditional and contemporary gospel songs (they sing in Creole, French and English). The young adult department has a very busy calendar, some activities happen every month and some others every year such as conference, retreat, Christmas concert, poetry nights, beach outing etc. (See calendar for more accurate info on events) Rose Vital is currently the President of this Department

Contact LBCYA at: or 

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