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Our mission at Logos is to mobilize women in our churches to pray, grow as disciples, and use their gifts in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Our goal is Connect women to women through outreach, fellowship, and ministry. Develop Christ-like character, discipline, and relationships at home, work, church, and in the community, Develop and organize a ministry, which will speak to the particular needs, issues, and concerns of all women at various stages in their lives and Identify and help develop the God-given gifts and talents of all women in our community. Women’s ministry cares for every woman at the Church whether they are married or 

not. They meet every Thursday at 7:30pm where they pray together or debates on issues they are facing daily as women in our homes and in our society. (Their debates are mostly in French and Creole but English speaker are also welcome) Micheleine Michel is currently the President of this Ministry

For more info on program contact women ministry at: 321-287-1960 / 407-970-1424

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