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Jesus himself said, Let the little children come to me for the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like them (Mat 19:14). At Logos Baptist Church we care for a lot for the children and we make sure that they find a place where they are treated with respect and feel like they are safe emotionally and spiritually. we have a lot of activities to keep them engaged, they have their own choir “the little soldiers” and their own Sunday school with a caring and well educated staff. Parents have the opportunity to attend service while their baby is being well taking care at our nursery. During the summer we have Vacation Bible School (VBS) to train and keep them connect to God’s word  while they have the opportunity to interact with each other. We also provide violin lessons through JW Music (Music school at the Church) to those who have interest in music at an early age, starting from 5 and up. Contact for more info on program:Pastor Loubens 407-692-7282/ Lady Lucile 407-535-5018/Sis Betty 407-234-8307/ Sis Yolande 321-352-2040

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